CityScape Global 2016

Summary of CityScape Conference: With representatives from Dubizzle, Reidin, JLL and Government bodies to name a few it was a glimpse of what is to come for Dubai Real Estate Market. Main focus was on technology and how this will affect the (Dubai Land Department) DLD's efficiency and speed when it comes to investors and the time it takes to purchase a property. The real estate review predicts that the market will pick during the last quarter of 2016 as per the previous cycle trends. Most...

Home Maintenance – Prevention and Protection

Home maintenance
Home Maintenance: Prevention and Protection As school break is coming, many families are most likely preparing for a much awaited vacation. Flight bookings, hotel reservations, attractions to go to, things to buy, what to pack, and the sheer excitement of going away make it easy to miss other important things – one of them is preparing the home for extended absence. This month is about home care, Snag & Inspect gives some tips on how to prepare the house in case the entire family goe...

Electrical System Risk and Safety – Making electricity work for you

Electrical System Risk and Safety
Electrical System Risk and Safety: Making electricity work for you Electricity has long since become a necessity. Living without it is not only uncomfortable, but, to the vast majority, just a few hours of electricity-free life is unimaginable. Day-in and day-out, electricity is used for greater productivity, efficiency, and comfort. Behind the power outlet is a complex electrical system which provides great benefits as long as it is used and handled properly. But its use must come with c...

Building a Greener UAE – Implications of the New Lighting Standards

Building a greener UAE
Building a Greener UAE: Implications of the new Lighting Standards Light is undeniably essential for life as it provides significant service to people in all places. Both indoor and outdoor lighting is beneficial. Indoor lighting increases visibility of all visual task and reduces fatigue, both in residential and working environments thereby improving productivity, promoting safety, accuracy and comfort while outdoor lighting enhances the quality, safety and usability of streets and roads...

Battle the Bathroom Mold: Identifying and Preventing Mold and Mildew

Mould in the bathroom
Battle the bathroom mould: Identifying and preventing mould and mildew Home is where your health is and it is important to make sure that your homes are healthy environments, but more often than not, homeowners are faced with various challenges in keeping their homes hazard-free. One of the most common dilemmas that property owners encounter is mould growth at home. Moulds, like mushrooms are members of the fungi kingdom. They can grow anywhere where there is a food source and moisture. ...

Building a Safer UAE – Managing Serious Risks in Fire & Life Safety

Building a Safer UAE: Managing Serious Risks in Fire & Life Safety Safety is not an intangible concept. There are no guarantees when it comes to safety. The world is full of complexities and uncertainties and most of which, people have little or no control over. But an efficient and well-ordered society keep on cultivating a good safety culture to manage and reduce risks from accidents and disasters. The UAE adopted a Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice way back in July 2011 that e...

Beat the Heat – Business of Temperature Control in the UAE

Business of temperature control in the UAE
Beat the heat: Business of temperature control in the UAE Summer is on. As one of the hottest places on Earth, UAE and other Middle East countries have been relying on artificial cooling to make the summer season bearable. This dependence on air conditioning, however, is like a double-edged sword with both boon and bane effects. While it is true that air conditioning system makes a more comfortable home or workplace and thus yields to machine and manpower productivity, the use of air cond...

Energy Efficiency in the UAE’s Property Sector

Energy Efficiency in the UAE’s Property Sector Sustainable development has always been one of the top goals of the UAE government. Both long-term and short term strategies have been implemented to ensure energy efficiency nationwide which includes energy saving schemes implemented at home and workplace, vehicles and industry. Nevertheless, the government continues to respond to the challenge of energy security as the UAE’s per capita energy consumption ranks among the highest despite bein...

Spotlight on Construction

Insights: Spotlight on Construction Sysnergy at its best. Collaboration is definitely the highlight of this month. As the year kicks off, Snag & Inspect has partnered with one of the oldest law firms in the United Arab Emirates, Afridi & Angell, to spearhead a seminar/presentation titled Spotlight on Construction: Challenges and Fiduciary Duties. This seminar aims to inculcate awareness on common construction defects and the legal capabilities of all the parties concerned such as ...