General Maintenance Audits

The Service Level Agreements with all Service Providers charged with the maintenance of the building fabric and envelope, MEP Systems and HVAC Systems also incorporates regular independent third party auditing to score their Key Performance Indicators.  This will give you a powerful edge to effectively monitor their performance and mitigate risk.  We know all the statutory and preferred maintenance codes and we can take the burden of evaluating these service providers’ standard of work and provide you with reports that will help you to mitigate risk from any unwanted liability.

Critical Life Safety Systems Maintenance Audits

In our experience inspecting joint ownership properties for RERA and Owners Associations, there are some buildings in Dubai that do not follow the UAE Fire & Life Safety Code’s specifically referenced maintenance codes or standards for the Planned Preventative Maintenance of the building’s critical life safety systems.

For Example, the fire detection and alarm system must be inspected, tested and maintained to NFPA72, wet sprinkler systems must be maintained to NFPA25, back-up power systems should be maintained to NFPA110/111 etc.

Unfortunately, if there is an incident that results in damages or casualties where it can be argued that the situation could have been avoided or minimised had these systems been maintained to the appropriate standard, the authorities will hold the contractor responsible but also those people who are responsible for letting their contracts and monitoring their performance.

We can help you to mitigate these risks, effectively providing a layer of insulation between you and these unwanted liabilities through independent maintenance audits.  The results of these audits can be used to score their KPI’s also, whilst doing your utmost to ensure that the systems are being maintained buildings to the highest standards whilst providing peace of mind that if there is an incident, it will not be exacerbated by insurers or the authorities penalising you for discharging your duty of care to the residents under your roof.