Asset Registration Creation – In our experience inspecting residential and commercial towers in Dubai, some buildings do not have all of the Asset Registers required and those that they do are not completely compliant with the relevant maintenance codes or standards. The UAE Fire & Life Safety Code specifically references various documents with regard to the inspection, testing and maintenance of the buildings active and passive fire & life safety systems.
Most Hotels have asset registers but often they overlook things which are a statutory requirement, such as Through Penetration Fire Stop Systems, Fire Resistive Joint Systems, HVAC Fire Dampers, Fire Doors including Refuse Chute Fire Doors and Service Access Hatches. We can help you to ensure that your hotels are completely code compliant across the whole spectrum of requirements not just the active systems. We can also help to ensure that your existing asset registers contain the right information and help you to set up code compliant inspection, testing and maintenance logs and also verifying the asset tagging.