Building Condition Audits provide clients with a written inspection report identifying the defects and code violations both through visual assessment and deemed material of the building’s common area assets. The primary purpose of the inspection is to enhance the Client’s information and knowledge about the building to improve decision-making for purchasing, selling, maintaining or improving the property to meet statutory requirements as part of the handover process.

Building Audits

Our clients use this service to provide them with a report that confirms the presence and status of the documentation pertaining to a building together with a visual appraisal of the building’s common area assets, and a limited activation of key systems. Sometimes it is used to create /confirm the building asset list, verify maintenance/remedial work carried out by others, create or amend maintenance action plans and to support the building handover process. More detailed reports of individual systems, sub-systems, office suites and other facilities can be achieved through the implementation of a full commercial property inspection.