Health Safety Audits – Independent annual or 6-month Health, Safety, and Environmental (HS&E) Audits of a property will provide assurances that sensible and appropriate precautions are being taken to mitigate risk and provide a safe environment for the tenants/guests/occupants residing and working within the premises. The extent of these audits are usually a matter of negotiation with the client.

Electrical safety issues such as staff or contractors using electrical equipment with sliced power cords or sticking bare wires directly into electrical outlets with no fused plug, fire hazards like storing oxidising chemicals directly on the floor in potentially wet or damp areas, Fire Doors being held open with door wedges, residents disposing of large items in the main egress stairwells, decorators ladders being used in place of permanent installations which are deemed unsafe, Façade Cleaners not wearing the proper PPE or tying themselves off to unsafe anchoring systems, Black Mould being ignored or simply painted over, these will all be noted.

Through our partners we can provide practical and robust advice to help minimise accidents to staff and the general public alike and protect against litigation claims for personal injury.