Special Solution Investigation

Over the life of a building many issues will occur that give cause for concern. All require resolution.
Bad smells, mould, unexplained damp patches, leaking roofs, floor that are no longer flat, blocked drains, electrical faults, such problems raise health & safety concerns, both for individual families and corporate bodies, particularly those companies operating in the hospitality business. Snag & Inspect has the equipment, knowledge and expertise to investigate these problems and provide solutions.

We have some very innovative and useful technology that help us to diagnose the root cause of problem or damages without which it may not be easy or indeed practical to interpret without destructive or intrusive investigation techniques. This can enable us to pinpoint areas of concern for further investigation, limiting damage to the property or assets to focus corrective maintenance more effectively.

Snag & Inspect’s Solution Investigation Service will provide a solution to those not so easy to solve problems. The team at Snag & Inspect includes engineers covering a wide range of disciplines such as Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Civil and Fire Engineering, materials specialists and maintenance specialists, couple these skills with the use of advanced technology, and you have a formidable taskforce at your disposal, capable of tackling the most difficult of problems.

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