Developers – The pace of property development throughout the region over the past few years created a rush for completion and handover of property to owners, which often resulted in a less acceptable standard of workmanship.

Now with the downturn in the economy and the collapse of the Real estate market, many projects have been subject to ‘value engineering’ (ie cost saving cutbacks), which in turn is raising further concerns about the quality of construction and finish in many properties.

Consequently many ‘contractor to developer’ handovers have resulted in painful, time-consuming and costly negotiations as developers struggle to encourage contractors to deliver what they were originally contracted to provide.

The onsite Surveyors/Quality Control teams usually focus on the construction of the property, but not focused on the issues that an owner/operator will be concerned about, issues that cost money and time to repair, often after the contractor’s main crews have moved off site or after the defect liability period has expired.

To avoid this loss in time and money, the inevitable negative publicity, the developer should consider employing the services of Snag & Inspect.

We have over 70 years of experience in inspecting and problem solving in almost every type of properties, from Office Blocks to Theme Parks, from Hotels to Hospitals and Labour Camps. Our services to the developer not only result in the developer getting a better finished product, but they usually save the developer money into the bargain, and often educate the developer in best practice, so that they can use this knowledge in their next development.

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