Practise an Energy Efficient Lifestyle for Sustainability

Energy audits guarantee several benefits as they lower energy bills and increase energy savings. The UAE property sector accounts for a large share in the country’s overall energy consumption due to growing energy demands caused by high domestic consumption rates.

By Douglas Ralph, CPI
Special to Properties

What many homeowners, renters and companies may not realize is that a number of their problems are closely associated with how energy efficient their properties are. Comfort issues and high utility bills reveal that they are not well-managed, and property check-ups must be done.

A home energy audit includes visual inspections of building envelope features such as windows, doors, insulation and ducts; heating, cooling and ventilation equipment; appliance and lighting characteristics; visible moisture, health and safety issues, and comfort complaints. An infrared camera is a diagnostic tool used to determine air leaks in these areas, and verify the effectiveness of the insulation inside walls and ceilings.

Energy audits for buildings focus on the analysis of property and utility data, including a study of the equipment and analysis of energy bills. They are designed to provide a comprehensive view of how and where companies and customers are consuming energy, produce a list of energy savings areas and suggest an implementing order.

Energy audits guarantee financial, operational and environmental benefits as the lower energy bills and increase energy savings through cost-effective measures to ensure that properties run more efficiently, improve comfort and productivity. They also uncover hidden problems such as improper ventilation which could lead to mold growth. Conclusively, energy audits protect the environment with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy demand, and conservation of natural resources.

Handy Hints
• Domestic and commercial energy consumption can be managed better
• Inspection firms can pinpoint sources of energy loss, areas of improvement
• A home energy audit includes visual inspections of building envelope features