Facilities Management – Top quality facilities management companies need to know where to go to get the best services and the most competitive price, after all that is what they are employed to do for their client. Snag & Inspect offers a range of special services that are particularly suited to the needs of the FM market place.

Before a FM (Facilities Management) company can bid for a first-time contract it needs to know what liabilities it is likely to inherit, and to find that out, some kind of survey is usually undertaken. Snag & Inspect has the knowledge, skill and technology to provide an accurate, detailed assessment of a building, which will not only enable the FM company to complete the tender, but will provide clear indications of where future problem areas are likely to arise.

Another very useful service offered by Snag & Inspect is our Special Investigation Service. During the life of a building issues will arise from time to time that cannot be resolved simply by observation and deduction, what they need is the application of special technology and in-depth knowledge.

A bad smell starts to make its present felt around the building, the smell soon becomes unbearable, it must be resolved quickly, but where do you start. All the obvious places have been visited and nothing can be found, the only explanation is that must be coming from a pipe encased in one of the risers. The question is two-fold, is it indeed the case, and if so where in the riser is the actual problem. Short of knocking a wall or two down, only the application of appropriate technology can resolve the issue, technology that Snag & Inspect has in abundance.

So if you are faced with trying to resolve a difficult issue, why not contact us now to see how we can help?