faqs snag and inspect

What qualifications do your inspectors have?
S&I Inspectors are graduates with a variety of engineering disciplines who have all completed an internationally recognised, inspection training course and are certificated by the International Association of Home & Property Inspectors.

How long does it take to complete an inspection?
The time depends on the size of the property, the larger the property, the more time it takes to conduct the inspection and produce the report. Most apartments and villas can be inspected in a day or less, for a 40 floor tower, the inspection time will typically take 4 weeks or so to complete.

How long after the inspection will I receive my report?
For a typical villa or apartment we aim to have your report available in electronic form within 72 hours, for a large tower it could be a week or more.

What does a property inspection cost?
For a standard inspection, all villas and apartments are priced on the basis of floor area, obviously if the nature of the inspection is required to differ from our normal profile, the price will reflect the actual work carried out. Large buildings and towers are priced on an individual basis following a walk through visit.

Corporate rates are available for clients based on the annual level of business or the number of building covered by a single contract.

What are the benefits of having a property inspection?
The major benefits of an independent property inspection are:
It can prevent you buying the wrong property, or encourage you to buy the right property.
It establishes the actual condition of the property, rather than the details provide by the vendor or agent, which protects of your investment.
It confirms that your family will be safe & secure in your new home.
It provides a base document for insurance purposes
It enables you to generate a ‘to do’ list from a position on knowledge.