11th Month Warranty Inspection – Your home is one of the biggest investment. You should make every effort to understand the importance of having an 11th Month Warranty Inspection. This will not only help you to protect your investment but also protect your family, guests and possessions.

Across the region it is usual for a developer to provide a 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, it is wise therefore to have a review inspection of your home prior to the expiration of the warranty period to establish a list of items that need remedial work so it can be presented to the developer for agreed action.

Our goal is to help identifying and documenting minor problems before they can become a major headache. With an 11th Month Warranty Inspection, the whole property gets inspected from top to bottom. From minor to major systems which includes actual testing. All defects will be properly documented with pictures.

Property inspection costs are only a very small fraction compared to the total property value. The amount you save and the peace of mind it provides prove to be invaluable and helpful to identify and correct minor problems before they can become major ones.

This service works so well that most new homeowners are amazed with our findings and will refer us to their neighbors.

Who Needs A Warranty Inspection?

Anyone who purchased a new home with a builder’s warranty could benefit from an inspection before the warranty expires.