Move in Move out Inspection – The number one source of tenant/landlord disputes is the disposition of the tenant’s security deposit. This problem can be resolved with proper procedures even before the tenant takes possession of the rental unit by using a move-in / move-out inspection.

The move in/move out inspection is not mandatory for both the tenant and the landlord, but it protects the interest of the owner and the tenants by creating an independent move in/move out document. This is a detailed report which states exactly every feature and condition of the apartment or villa –from walls, floors and ceiling, to windows, doors. AC units, water lines, electrical system and pipelines.

Additionally, an asset condition audit/inventory can be also carried out for fully furnished rental apartments or villas, which details the information of each item such as item description, serial number, and its location.

Importance of Move in/Move out Inspection

Move In and Move out Inspection Reports are an important part of any landlord or owner and should be implemented as part of their move in/move out process. Discrepancies can then be charged against the tenant’s security deposit, to help cover the cost of repairs, cleaning, and replacements.

It is in the interest of the tenant to be involved in the Move-out Inspection, in order to avoid any later dispute about the condition of the rented apartment or villa and to get the right disposition of the security deposit.

Our goal is to supply the client the most detailed report as possible documenting all the defects found before a tenant moves in and again after the tenant moves out.

The cost of our service is very competitive, and is very small compared with the benefits that the service brings to you and your family, why not contact us now?