Battle the Bathroom Mold: Identifying and Preventing Mold and Mildew

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Mould in the bathroom

Battle the bathroom mould: Identifying and preventing mould and mildew

Mould Problems in the bathroomHome is where your health is and it is important to make sure that your homes are healthy environments, but more often than not, homeowners are faced with various challenges in keeping their homes hazard-free. One of the most common dilemmas that property owners encounter is mould growth at home.

Moulds, like mushrooms are members of the fungi kingdom. They can grow anywhere where there is a food source and moisture. Mould is most likely to find a place to grow in a bathroom, basement or kitchen but it can grow in other rooms where moisture and warmth are present. A musty odor indicates that your home has been invaded by mould.

In the UAE where it is mostly hot and humid, a greater number of mould spores were released into the air and this fact poses a serious health risk particularly to those who are prone to respiratory ailments as mould affects the quality of the air you breathe.

In this issue, Snag & Inspect focuses on identifying, preventing and simple do-it-yourself fixes on getting rid of mould. This newsletter talks about one of the most common areas where mould and mildew develop and the importance of installing shower curtains in preventing the same from growing at an alarming rate, leaving tenants and homeowners with respiratory ailments and expensive repairs.

Shower Curtains: The Business of Bathroom Preservation in the UAE

Mould Control in DubauShower curtains is all about keeping water in its place and therefore, it is a key element in regulating the water spread and splashes to the extent that it prevents water from wreaking havoc not just in the bathroom but all over the house.

In the UAE, household mould has been a lingering nuisance for tenants and property owners. One of the most common places where mould grows is in the bathroom because of its wet conditions. It is a fact that mould spores are everywhere and they thrive on dark and moist places. Through the process of mitosis, a single mould spore can reproduce asexually to trillions of additional mould spores which makes it more dangerous.

There are five symptoms to determine the existence of bathroom mould:

1. A musty or sour smell. Mould is literally decomposing your bathroom surfaces. It prospers in small dark rooms that are warm and humid and mould spores often fill the air giving off an unpleasant staleness.

2. Bathroom has an earthy smell, like an odor coming from a rotting wood.

3. Loose or hollow sounding tiles. Many properties have poor tiling and caulking jobs. These conditions make tiles extremely vulnerable to leaks that could lead to rotting beneath the tile surface. Moisture after a shower clings to corners and joints. A poorly grouted wall will allow water to penetrate below the tiles. An indication that water has been making its way behind the shower walls and mould is growing behind the tiles is black specs on the ground joints and caulking. Missing and improper waterproofing application means the tile and grout joints are not sealed, making the bathroom prone to moisture damage.

4. Muddy appearance of tiles is a warning sign that mould can be on the walls or on the shower or bathroom floor.

5. Presence of ants in your bathtub. Hidden mould beneath tiles is usually identified if there are small ants in the bathroom as moist environments do not only support mould but also other species like ants.

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to prevent bathroom mould is installing shower curtains. A simple custom that is far more significant than one could imagine. An exposed shower could lead to uncontrolled water splashes and these

You should pay particular attention to internal corners, where the tile meets the wall and bath or shower tray. This is the area where water can sit and easily get under the tile and cause dry rot inside the walls. Note that the damage is usually not noticeable as hidden inside the walls. A good indication that there is a damage is when the tiles sound hollow when tapped and black mould spores are seen at the joint. The very least effect would be replacing the tiles but if gone unattended, the damage could lead to rebuilding the entire bathroom.

The simple fix of installing shower curtain, preferably with plastic one, as it is waterproof, convenient, durable and inexpensive could mean the difference between a well-preserved bathroom and costly repairs. Should the damage not be contained, seeking the help of a professional inspection company is the wise thing to do, as through in-depth moisture solution investigation, they will advise on the right cause of action. Inspection means protection.

Beating the mould in your home