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List of Services:

Home Inspections:
Pre-handover Inspection
Resale Inspection
11th Month warranty Inspection
Move-in-/Move-out Inspection

Corporate Services
Asset Condition Audits
Asset Registration Creation
Full Building Energy Audits
Building Condition Audits
Expert Witness
Building Handover Inspection
Health and Safety Audits
Reserve/Sinking Fund Study
Specialist Solution Investigation
3rd Party Maintenance Audits
Themepark Inspections

Our Services – To achieve the high quality of customer service provided by the company, Snag & Inspect make considerable use of high-tech specialised equipment. Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras, moisture meters, air quality meters, circuit testers and fibre optic inspection cameras systems are some of the tools that our inspection teams have available to them. The use of this kind of technology not only helps us produce a more thorough report, but it also enables us to test for potential health risks, including carbon monoxide, moisture & mould, drainage problems and electrical issues.

Our inspection service is usually tailored to suit the specific needs of our clients, for instance some items included for inspection for a development of villas will not be required for a towerblock, and vice versa. Inspections can typically include some or all of the following:

  • Foundation and support structure
  •  Structural integrity
  • Roof integrity
  • Ceiling and wall finishes
  • Steps and stairs
  • Windows & doors including air and water seal tests
  • Fire Safety systems
  • Security systems
  •  Building Management Systems
  • Ventilation systems
  • Central A/C systems and/or Fan Coil Units
  • Electrical distribution and control equipment
  • Heating systems
  • Water heaters
  • Built-in appliance
  • Power outlets
  • Plumbing system & fixtures
  • Water storage & distribution systems
  •  Insulation
  • Surface drainage
  • Garages, Carports, Workshops etc. (Villas)
  • Walks and driveways (villas)
  • Gutters & downspouts (Villas)
  • Decks, Patios, swimming pools etc.
  • Sump pumps

Whether it’s a structural defect, quality of finish, maintainability issue, fire & life safety problem, excessive moisture, mould, or an unexplained bad smell, Snag & Inspect can isolate the problem and provide a comprehensive report for the client to enable appropriate remedial action to be taken, so preventing it from becoming an ongoing long-term issue.

For Corporate clients such as Developers, Hotel Operators and large Property Management Companies we recognise that there are many other factors to be considered and that there is often a requirement to provide additional services so we also offer:

  • Asset Condition Audits
  • Fire & Life Safety Audits
  • Guidance on certain RFPs
  • Supervisory services
  • Inspect as you build (on-site regular inspections)
  • KPI auditing of Maintenance Service providers
  • Creating ‘Scope of Works’ for remedial activities
  • Drafting ‘Method statements’ for remedial works


To achieve the high quality of customer service that we provide to our clients, Snag & Inspect make considerable use of advanced technology. Infrared Thermal Imaging (ITI) cameras, moisture meters, multi-gas detectors, circuit testers, air quality meters and fibre optic inspection cameras systems are some of the tools that our inspection teams have available to them. Few if any other inspection companies operating in the region have such a range of advanced technology available to them.

Whether it’s a structural defect, poor quality, maintenance issue, fire & life safety problem, electrical problem, leak, mould, or bad smells, Snag & Inspect has the skills and equipment to locate the problem and provide a comprehensive report for the client enabling those parties involved to take the necessary action so that it does not become a long-term issue.

Thermal Imaging Camera

IR Thermal Imaging Camera DubaiThe use of an Infrared camera for thermal imaging enables us to readily address many difficult to solve problems such as a Window Air Leak as shown above. Without this technology it would be almost impossible to track these losses.

Similarly identifying a potential fire source in the building’s wiring would not be a practical proposition without the aid of this technology, technology that helps to keep you safe.


Moisture MetersMoisture Meters

The Tramex Concrete Moisture Meter and Relative Humidity Meter measures moisture content, relative humidity, temperature and dew point in concrete and gypsum.

Deep signal penetration up to 1.25”(30mm) to detect elevated moisture through most covering materials without having to damage or puncture the materials being tested.

Video Pipe Inspection Camera

Video Pipe InspectionThe base unit incorporates image and video storage and the camera lens is attached to a 100ft long fibre optical cable. The fibre optic cable is pushed down the pipe (must be over 1.5″ in diameter) to look for problems such as blockages, damage (cracks) and incorrect slope. The location of damaged (broken) water supply lines can be found as well.



The microExplorer

the microexplorerThis excellent piece of technology allows us to detect and diagnose problems in the most inaccessible places. It is a small, lightweight inspection tool that is a true time saver, with image and video storage. Very useful when inspected very hard to reach places. MEP equipment above the false ceilings, confined spaces, small drainage/sewer pipe runs etc.
This is our secret weapon when doing solution investigations for smells, air leaks, water leakages & moisture problems.

SeekTech Locator

The SeekTech Pipe, Cable and Sonde Locator can be used for tracing electrical wires, cables, conduit with cabling, and metal pipes. The route and the depth can be very accurately determined. It can also be used to detect the exact location of the Video Inspection Camera head (depth and orientation) by detecting the sensor attached to it.

Additional Services

To assist our clients who have been unfortunate enough to suffer a significant or sustained water leak, Snag & Inspect has the knowledge and equipment to help. The water and moisture from a flood can cause enormous damage if not dried out as soon as possible. Snag & Inspect use a combination of industrial dehumidifiers and blowers that speed up the drying process many times over, reducing the probability of longer term damage. Damaged wooden floors, carpets, damaged wall paint, high humidity levels , mold growth and mold damages can be easily prevented.

The presence of excessive water in a room will cause the amount of moisture in the air to rise substantially, by using industrial dehumidifiers this can be reduced quickly and efficiently, thus speeding up the drying process and reducing the possibility of permanent water damage. The use of dehumidifiers also has the additional benefit of preventing mold spores from growing, causing secondary damage.

If standing water is still present on the site our industrial wet vacuum machines will be used for quick water removal.

Industrial blowers can be used together with the dehumidifiers to increase and direct the air movement, accelerating the drying process still further.