Snag and Inspect has expanded it’s area of expertise by introducing for the first time in the UAE a unique and valuable service: FIRE RESTORATION & SMELL MITIGATION.

Fire restoration

Homeowners and companies are often devastated by the damage caused by a fire. Unfortunately the fire damage ends up being a small part of the issues. The smoke, soot, char and mold are the major issues to be taken into consideration after such a misfortunate event.
Smoke is an acidic product, capable of corroding and staining surfaces such as metal, joinery, walls and counters.
Due to the high levels of humidity and heat in U.A.E. after extinguishing a fire by water, mold and microorganisms alarming and rapid growth adds to the damage and cost repair, plus will possibly affect human health.
Our new service is a key part of the recovery process for businesses and homes following fire damage in a timely manner, efficiently, professionally, utilizing fire restoration techniques.

PRESSURE WASHING AND FOGGING are two interrelated and vital elements of a professional and complete Fire Restoration process. Without each other the cleaning process is compromised.
While fogging is a biological technique used to kill microorganisms and smell, the pressure washing is a mechanical technique that eliminates soot, char, fiber glass, petroleum, etc.
Avoid the danger of mold, microorganisms, smoke, soot and char damage and have clean the exterior/interior surfaces of your commercial or residential building today to expedite the restoration process.
Our Pressure Washing expertise combined with Fogging system, delivers outstanding results in killing molds, eliminating smell, soot and char after a fire in: Shopping Centers, Hotels, Malls, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Apartments and Condominiums.


Fogging is a process that kills smoke and smell enzymes, mold spores and microorganisms that are known to be by-products of a fire. Fogging can penetrate areas that cannot be reached by conventional cleaning.
These microorganisms are harmful and in some cases deadly to young persons, people with lung conditions and the elderly.
Snag & Inspect and R Square bring to the UAE market a fogging system called MDF 500. MDF 500 is based on a patent developed for the US Government to deactivate biological weapons. In the process of developing it was found to kill mold spores, it neutralizes mycotoxins, and it is effective against microorganisms and kills the smell of smoke completely, removing it.
Snag & Inspect and R Square through our trained technicians and professional equipment deliver outstanding fogging services results for all types of business and properties. MDF 500 is approved by the Ministry of Health in U.A.E. and Dubai Municipality in UAE and it meets the requirements for use in Office Buildings, Hotels, Hospital and Homes. It is safe for use around electric equipment, A/C systems, without impact on painted surfaces, ceilings or furniture.

Pressure washing

Fire can damage and affect a business or home structure in unexpected ways. When faced with the aftermath of a fire, business or home owners may find a location and concentration of smoke, smell and soot reside perplexing and astonishing.

Fire is not the only problem people face, burned areas are just a small part of the problem. Smoke, soot and char are also by-products of such unfortunate events, and they are equally dangerous to a person’s health. These by-products carry with them toxic substances that can irritate the skin, eyes, and if inhaled, can cause respiratory and nasal problems. Some soot does even have cancer-inducing chemicals in them.

Soot includes the fine black particles, chiefly composed of carbon, produced by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels. Soot can consist of acids, chemicals, metals, soils, and dust. The common trait of soot particles is that they are extremely tiny – 2.5 micrometers or smaller in diameter. This is smaller than dust and mold, and is about 1/30 the diameter of a human hair.

Snag and Inspect through our experienced and certified team, by using professional equipment (high pressure washing machines, industrial vacuum cleaners, pressure washer guns, dehumidifiers, etc.) provides professional pressure washing for a variety of commercial and residential properties.