Buying your new home is an exciting but stressful exercise. Exciting because it represent your future, you and your family are looking forward to something new and different, stressful because we all know that,  there are always those annoying issues that come along to spoil the whole event.

You can protect your property investment by engaging the services of an independent, professional, internationally certified Inspection Company like Snag & Inspect, to provide you with an accurate assessment of the condition of your purchase prior to handover, and if you are pro-active person you may wish to have a pre-offer inspection just in case the property simply isn’t worth taking your interest any further.

The level of detail contained in our reports leaves no one in any doubt as to the deficiencies that have been identified, and whose responsibility it is to fix them, so you can approach the vendor or construction company or sub-contractor from a position of strength, to request that all necessary remedial work be carried out. Furthermore you can also appoint Snag & Inspect to act on your behalf to oversee the required work, to ensure that it is carried out to a satisfactory standard.

The cost of our service is very competitive, and is very small compared with the benefits that the service brings to you and your family, why not contact us now?

First time Buyers

If you are a first time buyer, and you need guidance before making an offer, we can accompany you on your site visit. We can do a Visual Inspection without report – Verbal comments to you so you see issues as we walk the property. Please note that no testing is done or looking into drop ceilings, this is  a visual service only.

1st Year Warranty period

Across the region it is usual for a developer of provide a 12 month warranty against faulty workmanship and materials, it is wise therefore to have a review inspection of your Home prior to the expiration of the warranty period to establish a list of items that need remedial work so it can be presented to the developer for agreed action.


There is no doubt that because of the current economic climate the Real Estate market today favours the buyer, so anyone wishing to sell their property should be looking to maximise every opportunity they can find to give their property the best chance of achieving the sale they need.

Purchasers today are more measured in their approach to buying property, and having an independent inspection report is one way of giving them the confidence they need to proceed with the purchase of your property. They can and often do pay for such a report themselves prior to committing to handover, but a more pro-active seller will choose to have an inspection report available for the prospective purchaser to review at the beginning of the sales cycle, as a clear demonstration of honesty and integrity.

The report also provides the seller with the opportunity to address any defective items before the property actually goes on the market

Because all Snag & Inspect reports are carried out by internationally certified inspectors, the prospective purchasers can be assure of total impartiality, so if you are about to sell your property, why not contact us now for a free consultation.


As a landlord or landlord’s agent you will be conscious of the problems of dilapidations due to wear & tear resulting from those not-so-respectful tenants. A very effective way to protect your or your client’s interests is for a move in – move out inspection of the property to be conducted by an independent, professional inspection company like Snag & Inspect.

The inspection can be tailored to reflect the requirements of the landlord, both in terms of breadth and depth of coverage, and the resultant reports will quite clearly demonstrate to the Tenant and to an arbitration body how the property has deteriorated during occupancy by the Tenant.


So you are about to agree terms on the lease of your next home, but you are concerned about a number of aspects of the lease details or the building, such as the inventory and the condition of some of the items, there are patches of mould on some walls or ceilings, there are light switches that ‘buzz’ when they are operated, but the landlord or agent is not really listening, what can you do.

You can have a move in – move out inspection done which will provide an independent assessment of the state of the property, and since Snag & Inspect are recommended by RERA, the contents of the report are less likely to be ignored.