Thorough inspections give buyers peace of mind knowing that they get what they paid for.

Almost every person dreams of owning a property to secure one’s family and home, and make a sound, long-term investment. This dream, however, can quickly become a nightmare for uninformed buyers.

Most home buyers assume that an independent, third party home inspection is not necessary. They simply rely on their vision and their intuition in checking a property’s quality and safety, which is a dangerous and expensive mistake to make.

A large number of properties across the UAE, even newly-constructed homes, can harbor costly mistakes that may not be visible to the untrained eye. The UAE government has well-designed regulatory standards, but is challenged with poor construction practices, it’s wish not to discourage developers, and the lack of proper control and trained manpower. With this in mind, how can purchasers get the value of the property that they paid for and protect their investment over time?

When buying properties, independent inspection is a must as it will give an accurate assessment of the condition of the property that covers the quality of the building process to maintenance proficiency.

Inspection promotes safety with a thorough review of the property’s MEP system, finishing, A/C system, structures and roofing, fire safety, ventilation and pumps, among others. Not only are obvious defects inspected, but those hard to see and some hidden defects can be found. A high-quality inspection report helps a buyer make an informed decision on how to manage the property and its future maintenance. Inspection gives buyers peace of mind knowing that they get what they paid for. Inspection identifies defects, can reduce maintenance and energy costs, and helps ensure value for money.

Third party inspections by a qualified home inspector can save home buyers time, money, and help them avoid heartaches. Inspections can cost less than 1 percent of the property value, a relatively small price to pay to protect such a large investment, giving savings of about 5-15 percent. An inspection from a reliable and qualified inspector can mean the difference between a true dream home and a terrible money pit.

Handy Hints
• Property buyers must make third party inspection a part of the buying process
• Independent inspections save home buyers time, money and from heartaches
• Qualified inspectors review a property’s MEP system, ventilation, roofing, etc.