The Real Estate market in the region is a buyer’s market, so giving your clients that extra something could easily tip the balance in your favour.

It is a sad fact of life that in today’s world the commitment to quality and the attention to detail leaves much to be desired.

Whether its sub-standard materials, inadequately trained craftsmen, or poor maintenance, they all result in a very unhappy prospective purchaser, and a lost sale.

The most effective way of encouraging a prospective purchaser to give extra consideration to the properties you have to offer is to be able to show them a property inspection report produced by an independent, professional, internationally certified Inspection Company like Snag & Inspect.

Ideally the report should be commissioned by your client, whether they are a private individual or a property developer, because it will provide them with a no-holes barred assessment of the property they are trying to sell, so it gives them the opportunity to rectify all those important deficiencies identified in the report before they are spotted by a prospective purchaser.

Once the work has been completed we will revisit the property to amend the report to reflect its new condition. Now, when a prospective new purchaser shows interest in the property, you can produce the up-dated report with its accurate assessment of the condition of your client’s property, so the prospective purchaser can be assured that should they proceed with the purchase, the health of their family and their investment in their new home is substantially protected.

Snag & Inspect can tailor its services to meet the needs of your Real Estate company and its clients, contact us now to arrange an appointment.