Moisture/Water Removal

Moisture ingression is insidious as a result of high humidity levels. Snag and Inspect has specialized dehumidifier, construction vacuum, blower equipment and humidity sensors to take the moisture out, remove excess water and reduce humidity in order to reach a certain target of dryness required for your property. The removal of moisture is the key to restrict the growth and/or spread of Mold.

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Thermographic (IR) Inspection

This will help to identify any surface temperature variance which may lie below the surface of a wall, or a floor, and other places that are usually out of sight. The technology allows us to see gaps from wall to ceiling; cracks in the walls that are hidden by the rendering or tiled wall finishes, water leaks, trapped moisture and faulty electrical connections and components .

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Mould & Smell Investigation

Our inspector are certified and highly trained professionals to investigate mold. Not only do they know how to properly conduct mold tests, but they know how to interpret the results or condition and can tell you what levels of mold are expected in your area and how to avoid it. Mold and Smell Investigation service is important not only is to improve the smell of your home hence, it’s important to protect your health as mold can cause many medical problems.

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Providing pipeline inspection using an optic pipe camera which will allow us to get a thorough look at the pipes, without doing any damage to the home or building. Our specialised high tech cameras can also be used to identify and locate broken and damaged pipe work

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Air and
Water Quality

We work with government approved analytical laboratories for sample analysis.

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Health and Safety

Providing independent annual or 6 months HS&E audits of a property will provide assurances that sensible and appropriate precautions are being taken to mitigate risk and provide a safe environment for the tenants / guests / occupants residing and working with the premises.

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Special Needs
Access Inspection

Providing a detailed inspection report outlining the minimum requirement for making buildings, schools, and other establishments more appropriate to cater the people with special needs using facility as highlighted in the UK’s Disability Discrimination Act and also taking into consideration the requirements outlined in Article 27 of the Dubai Municipality Building Code.