Some of Our Previous Projects

Abu Dhabi Media

Circuit tracing of all the primary electrical circuits from the incoming mains, through to the Final DB panels within the TV building (D&C), Radio building (G), off the individual breakers within those Final DB Panels and to use this information to produce new DB Legends. 

Lootah Real Estate Development

Hand over and Condition Inspection of various properties in Dubai Investment Park and Jumeirah Village Circle .

Aldar Properties

An  in-depth, visual  building condition audit  focusing on construction quality,  construction  code  compliance, mechanical  installations,   electrical installations, fire and life safety installation, and accessibility for people of determination.  The condition audit was carried out on both Etihad Plaza and Etihad Airways Centre.  

Warehouse Inspection for National Ambulance LLC

Snag and Inspect carried out a full warehouse inspection to verify that the property is ready for handover. During the inspection it was important to ensure that all the necessary building codes were followed by the contractor.

Building Condition Audit for Al Ghurair Real Estate LLC

A full building inspection, common areas and all apartments, was carried out for one of the properties of Al Ghurair Real Estate LLC to ensure that the property will be ready for handover and occupancy.


Building Condition Audit with Reserve Fund Study and Recourse Allocation Study for various mixed-use buildings and townhouses in Townsquare.

Condition Audit + Reserve Fund + Reinstatement Cost Assessment for Dubai Hills Master Community

Based on the assessment of the current condition of the assets in the Master Community, Snag and Inspect created a Reserve Fund Study and Reinstatement Cost Assessment to ascertain the availability of funds for periodic maintenance as well as rebuild cost.

Deyaar Inspection

Building Condition Audit and special inspections were conducted on several residential buildings of Deyaar to ensure that all installations were done properly, and all equipment are working as per specification.

Dubai World Central Corporation

Established and assessed the property in terms of the accuracy and quality of the base build information provided, quality and condition of the base build and fit out MEP works done, and reviewed the design and / or recorded information available, such as specifications, equipment schedules, O&M manuals, as-built drawings. The MEP and building approvals obtained from the authorities were carefully evaluated as well.