As a senior manager, you will be ensuring that the company is operating in most effective and efficient way in providing service that meets the expectations and requirements of the clients. Below is an overview of the expected scope of work.

Job Description

• Communication between departments should be ongoing and utilized to maintain an environment of continuous improvement.

• Overall supervision on staff productivity, safety measures and quality of service provided.

• Supports the company in inspections planning and making sure the business is adequately resourced.

• Plan and schedules the daily operations and reviews workload and manpower to ensure that tasks are being met beyond due date on a cost-effective way.

• Identifies any skills gaps in the organization and undertaking a recruitment program to support the matter.

• Training of staff and inspectors to ensure that everyone is performing proficiently in their role.

• Provides a leadership support function to teams and motivating staff to achieve company mission statement.

• Manages budgets and costs effectively in respect of the whole company operational needs.

• Acts as a liaison to senior management and board of directors to keep them up to date with current and upcoming operations.

• Implementation of any new policies and procedures relating to the company improvement process. Extends supervision and support on company recruitment.

The ideal candidate should have the following qualifications:

• At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Management.

• More than 5 years experience managing in the field of construction or real estate.

• MBA/PMP/RICS/MRICS certification is an advantage.

• Knowledge in basic accounting and human resource management.